The North Regent Veterinary Animal Clinic, PLLC

We are currently operating on our hybrid schedule. Thursday appointments are in-person ONLY. All other appointment days will be met CURBSIDE. Please call (914) 937-2200 upon arrival. We are are closed 1-2pm weekdays. 


We thank everyone for understanding.  Our top priority is to try and continue to be a reliable source of medical care for our patients, while keeping our staff and clients safe.

  • No Walk-Ins will be accepted - please call ahead for appointment times only.
  • We will be staggering appointments to minimize contact between clients.
  • If you need to pick up medication or food, we can gladly take your credit card information over the telephone, and leave your items in a secure location outside of the hospital. 
  • Drop-offs are an option, please call for information.
  • We will continue to diligently clean our clinic and sanitize frequently touched surfaces.
  • We will ask our staff to stay home if they or a family member are sick.
  • We ask you to stay home if you or a family member are sick.
  • If your pet requires urgent care and you are ill, please arrange for a friend or healthy family member to transport your pet to our clinic.

  • Please call for hours.
  • Closed weekdays between 1-2pm
  • Sat: Limited Hours
  • Sun: Closed
  • After Hrs ER: see Services
  • Gina Antiaris, DVM

    St. George's University
    DVM Veterinary Medicine

    The University of Georgia
    Veterinary Clinical Rotations

    Quinnipiac University
    B.S. Veterinary Technology

    Owner of North Regent Animal Clinic since December 2019
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 2003
    St. George's University; Quinnipiac University
    Spending Time with Friends and Family, Traveling, Baking, Listening to Live Music
  • Ron Gardner, DVM

    DVM Veterinary Medicine University of Illinois

    Graduate School M.S. Degree in Animal Physiology University of Illinois

    B.S. Cornell University 1970-1974

    Member Phi Zeta Veterinary Honor Society

    Former owner of North Regent Animal Clinic (1985-December 2019)
    Years in Practice:
    Jan 01, 1985
    University of Illinois Veterinary Collage; Cornell University
    Gardening, Photography
  • Shannon Reddy, DVM

    Dr. Shannon Reddy is excited to be the newest member of NRAC. She has wanted to be a veterinarian her entire life (there are pictures of her caring for her stuffed animals with band-aids and stethoscope) and has worked for Dr. Antiaris since she was 14 years old. Shannon graduated from Cornell University in 2018 with a Bachelors degree in Animal Science with Honors in Research and a Minor in Business. She continued on to Vet school, also at Cornell University, and graduated from the College of Veterinary Medicine in 2022. She is passionate about animal behavior and training and has volunteered with Guiding Eyes for the Blind for over 8 years and has raised a number of service animals and completed multiple behavior internships. She is also fear free certified and is dedicated to ensuring pets are as comfortable as possible visiting the vet's office.

    Shannon is looking forward to joining the amazing team at NRAC and working with all of you to care for your beloved pets. 

    Years in Practice:
    Jul 15, 2022
    Cornell University
    Shannon’s spare time is devoted to her yellow lab, Saxbie. Her hobbies include running, reading, and baking.
  • Stacey Nassauer

    Stacey joined NRAC upon Dr. Antiaris’ acquisition of the practice and has been working alongside her for the past 10 years.  Stacey is responsible for all managerial aspects at the clinic while also tending to patient care. Stacey graduated from SUNY Purchase in 2011 with a degree in Psychology, but has been devoted to the veterinary field since 2012. 

    Stacey is mom to sweet Bertie, a SATO Project rescue, who is now doing her residency tour at NRAC and is affectionately known as Doctor Legs. While not working, Stacey enjoys spending time with friends, keeping Starbucks in business, going to the beach and traveling.  

  • Tara McNama

    Tara, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, brings to NRAC over 20 years of General Practice & Specialty experience, predominantly Emergency Care and Oncology. Tara earned a Finance and Economics degree from Fordham, but returned to Mercy College to pursue a second degree of her first love - Veterinary Technology.

    The compassionate staff at NRAC is what Tara considers one of her favorite aspects of working here, but she is also proud of the great care and medicine provided as part of an awesome team. Tara likes to participate in Continuing Education courses where she applies this knowledge to her role at the practice, and imparts it to her fellow co-workers in order to provide better medicine and education to the clients.

    Her time away from NRAC is spent with her favorite boys - her husband, two sons, and her 1.5 year old Alaskan Malamute, Logie aka Logan Bear aka Perfect Baby Dog, who along with his mama, both share a love for the beach. His fur siblings are Chihuahua-mix and anti-mailmen, Charlotte May, and felines George Monkey, and Birdie, who like to eat, cuddle, groom, and lick curtains, respectively. When not taking care of this brood, Tara likes to hike and travel.

  • Yohanna Ordonez

    Yohanna started working with Dr. Gardner in July 2015 with no prior veterinary experience. She was hired as the clinic’s receptionist (and Spanish translator) due to her studies in business and bookkeeping, but Yohanna’s love and enthusiasm for animals led her to become a veterinary assistant. 

    With Dr. Antiaris’ arrival, Yohanna is learning about other living creatures (aside from dogs and cats) and enjoys being a part of this team. She has even turned her love at work into a fast-growing side job offering dog-walking and dog-sitting services.

  • Ariel Segura

    Ariel, no longer our most recent addition to NRAC, comes with vast previous veterinary experience. But, despite working in the field for years, it is Ariel's earliest memories of he asking his mother to save every animal that crossed his path that are the most impressionable. Ariel knew from that early age his future would be in animal care. 

    NRAC is grateful to round out its team with his competence and energy. Whether he will be tackling 100 pound pups or feral cats, Ariel is always ready to dive in (with a smile and a giggle!) and learn all aspects of the practice - anything that Dr. Antiaris can show him. Ariel was a proud foster cat father, but recently adopted Kovu, a kitty who was rescued and brought to NRAC for care and shelter.  Ariel is always willing to offer his home for an animal in need.

  • Cindy Cafagna

    Cindy, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, is no newcomer to the veterinary field. With 15 years of experience and counting, she has known and worked alongside Dr. Antiaris for many years in a multitude of settings - hospitals, rescue groups, and more. Having started as an assistant in high school and continuing on to college for her licensure, Cindy now finds herself bringing to NRAC many specialized skills, in particular anesthesiology and clinical lab work, to name a few. 

    When not taking care of her patients, Cindy has 3 adopted pitbulls and 5 cats of her own to spoil and love and is now happy to be working alongside her brother, Nick.

  • Jodi Levine

    Jodi, a Licensed Veterinary Technician, made the leap into veterinary care over 8 years ago after having been an elementary school teacher with degrees from Michigan State and NYU. Her career change was motivated by Jodi’s love of animals and her calling to care for them. Jodi and Dr. Antiaris have worked together over the years, but their volunteer work had them traveling together to Houston in the wake of Hurricane Harvey tending to countless animals abandoned and afflicted by the storm. 

    Empty-handed was not how they left though, as both Jodi and Dr. Gina walked away with dogs of their own. Nutmeg accompanied Jodi home and became the sister to her furry feline, Fatty. In her spare time, Jodi loves traveling and running-and Nutmeg now likes to join too!  Goose, Jodi's newest rescue, is a curious little grey kitty who loves to play and cuddle with Nutmeg.

  • Nick Cafagna

    Nick joined NRAC as their most recent hire in May 2021 coming with an eager and willing spirit to grow his veterinary experience on a part-time basis. For the last five years, Nick lovingly cared for and socialized countless rescue dogs, either found locally, or brought in by transport, for Pet Rescue in Harrison.  

    Now full-time assisting Dr. Antiaris, and alongside his Veterinary Technician sister, Cindy, Nick doesn’t leave his animal love at work, he goes home to 4 pit bulls and 4 cats! 

    Nick’s love of the gym allows him to stay physically fit to lend a strong hand to NRAC’s “larger” clients. Clara, however, doesn’t take too kindly to that as she wants all of Nick’s attention and has claimed him as hers. Nick is thrilled to be amongst such a committed and hardworking staff which he likens to being a family.  He loves to expand on his knowledge and be helpful, and working there presents new opportunities to do so daily. 

  • Dr. Melissa Antiaris

    Melissa graduated with her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Forest Institute in 2008.  She has a private practice on premises and facilitates a pet loss support group at NRAC. You might also see her at the front desk and answering your phone calls when she’s not busy with her two dogs and cat.  

    Melissa enjoys spending time with her family and friends and exploring new travel destinations.

  • Clara

    Clara is thrilled to be a part of the staff at NRAC. She is head of Security, but also greets the patients with a warm welcome. 

    Clara is the Queen of detecting sunspots, and is happiest trying to eat plants, sitting on (or in) cardboard boxes, sleeping under a woobie by Dr. Gina's desk or on Dr. Gardner's chair, and especially keeping an eye on Nick.